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If you have worked as a bartender for some years and you are looking for something else to do apart from bartending while still applying your bartending skills, you cannot run out of options. In fact, bartending prepares you for a lot of things, and you can leverage your bartending skills in other areas outside of being in a bartending. We will be checking out some of the best jobs after bartending that you can apply your skills.

Sales Representative

This is the go-to job for many former bartenders. Any successful bartender will excel in sale because selling is what they have done throughout their entire career. Who is the better person to sell drinks if not someone who has sold, mixed, and served drinks before? Many establishments looking for liquor and alcohol sales representatives usually employ people who have worked as bartenders before. This could be a rewarding and fulfilling job position, and it is a great way to gain exposure to big brands as well as work with them directly. As a sales representative, your job is to help with distribution to major establishments that need to stock drinks, alcohol and spirit, you already know your way around in the industry, and you can put your connections to good use and achieve tremendous sales within little time.

Private Event Bartender

Working as a private event bartender still puts you very much in active service as a bartender because you will still be working behind a bar except that you will not have to deal with as much crowd as you would in a public bar. The crowd at a private bar are also more controlled, and you have an expected number of people to serve. Working as a private event, bartending could entail serving drinks at corporate events, family events, etc. You know the type and class of people you are serving, and it’s easier to manage them. All you have to do is showcase your bartending skills to make sure your guests are well attended to and satisfied. You must keep your bartending skills intact if you are ever going to delve into private event bartending.

Brand Ambassador

Working as a brand ambassador for a spirit or liquor brand is another role where you can apply your skills as a bartender. Brand ambassadorship involves a lot of promotional work. Your job is to represent brands and influence people to buy products that the brand offers. This is where you have to bring your people skills as you will need to move around a lot, attend events, and promote the product to as many people as you can. A brand ambassador role is also quite high-paying, and you get to enjoy many perks such as an endless supply of the product you are promoting.

Mixologist for a drink distributor

A drink distributor has a lot of drinks across various brands that they are selling. The job of a mixologist is to mix different brands of drinks to make unique blends. If you work in this capacity for a drink distributor, you will be responsible for serving these mixes to people so they can know the kind of possible mixes they can create from different drinks. You can also share the recipe for those who would like to try the mixes on their own at home.


You have extensive knowledge about the hospitality industry as someone who has worked for years as a bartender; thus, working as a consultant is one of the vibrant career paths that many former bartenders tow. A consultant is really active in the hospitality industry, and you work with many brands and establishments and advising brands on the most viable and profitable distribution network for their drink products. Working as a consultant helps you leverage your knowledge about the hospitality industry and help businesses in the process.

Software Specialist

This niche is yet to be tapped into because tech is still finding a way to latch onto the many sections in the hospitality industry. Many tech companies these days are looking into ways to get into the hospitality industry. Tech companies want to develop software solutions capable of making service delivery easier and more convenient for hospitality brands. Since you have worked in the hospital industry before, you are an excellent candidate as a consultant or adviser at any of these tech companies. This way, you get to earn your pay, and also the hospitality industry gets better in the process.
Your experience and knowledge that you think does not matter could go a long way in helping these companies achieve their goals. Bartending goes beyond mixing and serving drinks. There is an ocean of knowledge that tech companies looking to be a part of the hospitality industry can tap into. You already know where to get drinks from, the kind of people who like what drinks, the type of drinks to serve, and how to serve them. This information can be used to create an innovative service delivery product for various establishments and brands in the hospital industry.


If you do not want to go into any of the above, you can decide to establish your own business in the hospitality industry. You can start your bar, restaurant or hotel. You have all the knowledge required to run an establishment, and this could give you an edge over other business owners who have never worked as a bartender like you. You know what drinks to buy, the kind of bartender to hire, and the best ways to keep your patrons satisfied.
With these career options mentioned above, we hope that we have made valuable suggestions on the best jobs after bartending where you can apply your skills. If you have never worked as a bartender, but you are thinking of seeking knowledge as a bartender, enrolling in an accredited bartending school may be your best bet.