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This is your Professional Flair Bartending Course Materials Page Included with your Advanced Bartending Course

Click Here To Download The Workbook In PDF Format
The video links for each course segment are below. You can enlarge your video picture by clicking on the right corner of the video display.

Print out your workbook, from the pdf. link and follow along with the Videos

NOTE: It is recommended to watch the videos multiple times and practice the principals being taught.  All the information given to you will be the ground work for becoming a real bartender.  It will take lots of practice and memorization to be proficient.  

NOTE: View each video in the order provided.

1.  COURSE 1 Intro

2.  COURSE 2 Flair Bottle Flips

3.  COURSE 3 Flair Bottle Tins

4.  COURSE 4 Flair Low Risk Flair Techniques

5.  COURSE 5 Shaker Tins

6.  COURSE 6

Each of the links above will bring you to a different video.  Click on the “youtube” word and it will bring you to that video.